There is a growing threat to our industry. Today more clinics are offering FUE worldwide than there are members of the ISHRS. This trend is expected to grow. Who are these clinics?

These are clinics, usually operated by physicians from a variety of specialties, that were sold a bill of goods by instrument companies. Such clinics are sold a turnkey operation that includes instrumentation and staffing to perform the entire surgery. And these clinics have surgeons who usually know very little about hair transplant surgery. Assistants are often trained by poorly trained physicians or inadequately trained assistants. These unsuspecting surgeons are told that it is legal for assistants to perform the entire hair transplant surgery. Since these surgeons know very little about hair restoration surgery, these doctors often think an unacceptable result is satisfactory. The consequence is more unhappy patients with disappointing and often disfiguring hair transplant results than ever before. There is a reason for the growth of very unhappy hair transplant recipients.

It is time for knowledgeable physicians to mount a campaign to cease this process. How will this be accomplished? FUE Europe (FUEE) has partnered with the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS) to implement a media campaign to stop this process. Your first step is to like and comment on this Facebook post. If you are unable to log in, you may request a login, or you may contact me at

We need to mount an army of physicians to take back our industry and stop the unlicensed practice of medicine. To best accomplish this, we need active participation from all physicians.

The next step is to like and follow @fuemagazine We will be updating this publication routinely to let you know what is happening and what you can do to stop the unlicensed practice of medicine and reverse this process. For example, in the next issue, we have articles from Spencer Kobren, founder of The Bald Truth, the American Hair Loss Association, and the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons, as well as, Joe Tillman, The Hair Transplant Mentor. Spencer outlines the problem and offers a simple solution. Joe Tillman describes how he is hearing from more and more dissatisfied patients. The reason is FUE.

The third thing to do is to join FUE Europe in Manchester, the UK in June 2019. This scientific meeting will be broadcast live on The Bald Truth. In Manchester we will continue our media campaign to inform patients about the growing menace of unlicensed surgery in the world today. All major forum owners will be in attendance. We will have celebrity hair transplant patients in attendance to relay their horrific stories of disfigurement and transformation. This will be a meeting unlike any scientific meeting in the past. If you wish to become a part of the Voice of Hair Transplant surgery and be relevant, you should consider attendance in Manchester. But, if you can’t, please get involved with our social media campaign.

The ISHRS has done all they can do to control this epidemic. Unfortunately, the ISHRS does not have the tools nor the visibility to mount a successful remedy to this growing problem. For example, this article in The Telegraph,, recommends you consult with the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgery to find a doctor. The ISHRS is not mentioned at all. The IAHRS of the American Hair Loss Association (AHLA), on the other hand, is referenced almost weekly in the mainstream media. This is why we need you to become involved with the combined FUEE and IAHRS media campaign to inform patients of the dangers they face from going to clinics with unlicensed individuals performing the entire surgery for surgeons that know little or nothing about high-quality hair transplant surgery. We need all of you to get involved before it is too late.

The problems we face are impacting clinics all over the world. Patient flow is down in many clinics. This trend will continue unabated without a successful solution. We have the tools to make a change. What we need is active participation from as many individuals as possible to join our social media campaign. This is how we get the word out to patients and begin to turn the tide on the explosion of hair transplant surgery by unlicensed individuals.

You need to get involved with this effort before action becomes impossible. Now is the time for work. Now is the time to get involved. If you delay, many of you will find yourselves out of the hair transplant industry soon. The competition will become too fierce. You will be replaced by physicians, who are not nearly as skilled and knowledgeable as you are. You will be replaced with poorly trained and inexperienced assistants. Patients will suffer. Complications from FUE will soar. The world will become a worse place. Get involved with The Voice of Hair Transplant Surgery and become relevant before it is too late.

Please note below that we have included the cover art for the next issue of FUE Magazine that will be released the first week of October 2018. In addition to fantastic articles, we have lovely commentary that is sure to induce you to action. Your future depends on involvement.


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One of the first pioneers of FUE, Dr. John Cole has global renown as a hair transplant surgeon, researcher, and trainer. He has worked with numerous surgeons to bring FUE to the forefront of hair transplantation and is the lead editor of FUE Magazine.

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