15 Mar 2020

Best Plastic, Aesthetic, and Hair restoration conference 2020

Join the upcoming aestheticstanbul 2020 conference on August 26th-28th, 2020 Do you Remember? With so many medical meetings, how do you recall the most important ones? Which events stand out as life-altering experiences? Our meeting in Istanbul 26-28 August promises to be one of these events with over 31 live

17 Dec 2019

Preview World FUE Institute 2020, Ke-bot and Ke-photo by Asmed

The essential FUE meeting of 2020 My name is John Cole, MD and I am one of the editors of FUE Magazine and the medical director at the Forhair Hair Transplant Clinic in Atlanta. I recently had the pleasure of visiting ASMED, the office of Koray Erdogan, MD. I am

Tips For Choosing The Right Clinic
18 Feb 2019

Hair Restoration Costliness: Selecting a Clinic

Learn about hair transplantation rates as well which hair transplant clinics to select in this summary about hair restoration costs

Patient thinking
30 Oct 2018

Hair Transplant – Why You Might NOT Regret Being Bald in 2018

It was 8:30 a.m. and I had just finished walking my dog, grabbing my cup of coffee, and settling in for another day of work. My routine usually includes speaking with my hair transplant doctor clients, editing educational hair transplant videos for my Youtube channel, and answering emails from everyday

Spencer Kobren
22 Oct 2018

It’s Time to Break Through The Red Tape. Your Future Depends On It!

Note From the Author: This article was originally written at the request of the editors of The Hair Transplant Forum International. Upon submission, to meet the Forum’s editorial agenda, I was asked to simplify the language. They expressed to me that they do not think their membership would fully grasp

Hair Transplant Risks
16 Oct 2018

The Hair Transplant Industry is Changing: Medical Tourism Risks

Medical tourism is an ongoing trend that continues to entice patients. Often at a disadvantage compared to established clinics, clinics in popular tourist destinations such as Turkey may use a number of strategies to be competitive. From pricing to vacation packages, though, clinics that attract patients through medical tourism do

15 Oct 2018

Eighth FUE Europe Conference June 6th-8th!

The upcoming FUE Europe conference is scheduled for June 6th to 8th this year in Manchester, UK. A first joint effort with the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS), this gathering is a landmark event that will both edify surgeons and facilitate professional networking. The timing couldn’t be better;

Issue 2
01 Oct 2018

FUE Magazine – Vol. 1 – Issue 2

  I want to welcome you to the second issue of FUE magazine. The official publication of FUE Europe, FUE Magazine’s maiden issue established its values and purpose as well explored the current hair transplant industry. Our second issue of FUE Magazine will continue its examination of the hair transplant

Medical Tourism
30 Sep 2018

Is Medical Tourism Worth It for Cheap Hair Transplantation?

The BBC plans to release an interview about hair transplantation in Turkey and other vacation hotspots soon. A new phenomenon, and social issue, in cosmetic surgery is combining the pleasure of tourism with the practice of cosmetic medical procedures. The BBC news story has decided to use cheap hair transplantation

Last Battle for Hair Transplant Surgery
12 Sep 2018

The Last Battle for Hair Restoration Surgery

There is a growing threat to our industry. Today more clinics are offering FUE worldwide than there are members of the ISHRS. This trend is expected to grow. Who are these clinics? These are clinics, usually operated by physicians from a variety of specialties, that were sold a bill of