Join the upcoming aestheticstanbul 2020 conference on August 26th-28th, 2020

Do you Remember?

With so many medical meetings, how do you recall the most important ones? Which events stand out as life-altering experiences?

Our meeting in Istanbul 26-28 August promises to be one of these events with over 31 live surgery procedures. We cover everything from plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine and hair restoration. However, you will also be a part of multiple research papers on PRP and nucleated stem cells.

We have an outstanding faculty for all disciplines: plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, and hair restoration. This is just a beginning. We will perform studies on responses to biologics, stem cells, and other autologous products. Studies of this nature have never occurred in the past. Be a part of history. Mark your calendar for 26-28 August 2020. Make time for the Cappadocia Journey at the end of the symposium (29 August-1 Sept).

With the Corona Virus, we will surely see a cancellation of meetings from April through the middle of July. These cancellations mark the Istanbul meeting of aesthetic plastic surgeons and hair restoration surgeons as the only viable option to inquisitive minds. We are certain to see a surge in the Covid-19 virus next October so mark your calendars for 26-28 August.

We will create at least two study papers from this meeting. Come be a part of this amazing meeting in August. To register visit:

Come make history with us! Create your own memories.


Preview World FUE Institute 2020, Ke-bot and Ke-photo by Asmed


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John P. Cole, MD

One of the first pioneers of FUE, Dr. John Cole has global renown as a hair transplant surgeon, researcher, and trainer. He has worked with numerous surgeons to bring FUE to the forefront of hair transplantation and is the lead editor of FUE Magazine.

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