The essential FUE meeting of 2020

My name is John Cole, MD and I am one of the editors of FUE Magazine and the medical director at the Forhair Hair Transplant Clinic in Atlanta. I recently had the pleasure of visiting ASMED, the office of Koray Erdogan, MD. I am preparing a complete review of this clinic, which publishes in the next issue of FUE magazine at the end of December. Dr. Erdogan has the most advanced and most beautiful hair transplant facility in the world. He has spared no expense building this clinic.

As you come off the elevator on the second floor, you enter the brain center of ASMED. The second floor is where patients are evaluated, shaved, photographed, and scanned using the Ke-bot. At this point, the team evaluates all of the data to create a surgical plan for the patient in specific detail to occur the next day. I discuss this detail in the next issue of FUE Magazine. The surgical planning at ASMED is the most detailed in the world. This floor also houses 12 shampoo stations for pre-operative and post-operative care, two low-level-laser (LLLT) treatment stations, and a diagnostic room. This evaluation includes an EKG, pre-operative laboratory testing, and assessment by the anesthesiologist.

Diagnostic Shampoo Area facility

One of the features of ASMED is the world’s only robotic system to prepare a 3D model of the head, determine surface area, follicular unit density, hair density, the calculated density, the hair diameter, and coverage value. I recently had the pleasure of interview the chief engineer Dr. Oğuzhan Urhan.

Koray Erdogan

This interview consists of two parts. The first part discusses the Ke-bot robotic system. The second part discusses how the team improved the accuracy of the Kebot using artificial intelligence, algorithms, and amplification software to train the Ke-bot to be more than 95% accurate to date. At the time of printing, this system is 90% accurate in diameter and over 95% accurate in all other measurements.

ke-Bot Introduction Video

To date, this is a two-year project costing Dr. Erdogan more than €500,000.00. During this span, enormous improvement has come using artificial intelligence and reducing the scanning time.

I also highlight another significant engineering advancement by Dr. Erdogan and his team utilizing a photography system that takes six photos simultaneously in the same view to maintain consistency in before and after photography. This system is called Ke-Photo.

Ke-bot Training
Ke Photography

I go into more detail regarding both fantastic, futuristic technologies in the next issue of FUE Magazine.

All of these systems are available to attendees at the Live Surgery Workshop of the World FUE Institute meeting at Dr. Erdogan’s office in Istanbul, Turkey, June 24-27, 2020. Attendance is essential to all hair transplant enthusiasts, if for no other reason than to witness what I know to be the most organized, elegant, and sophisticated hair transplant facility in the world. WFI 2020 is one meeting that you do not want to miss.


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