FUE Magazine is the publication of FUE Europe (FUEE), a regional hair transplant organization that accepts members from across the globe. We began in 2011 as the brainchild of a small group of physicians in Europe, who came together to discuss follicular unit extraction (FUE), currently the best hair transplant technique for patients.

In 2011, FUE represented a small portion of all hair transplant procedures across the globe. Most of these procedures, however, were done by physicians who practiced FUE full time because they understood its promise. FUE promised better results than previous techniques but also required more time per procedure and greater training.

FUE Europe Ankara Turkey

Initially, therefore, only a small amount of surgeons adopted the technique. The ISHRS itself did not recognize the full potential of FUE in 2011 and lectures were limited to no more than no more than 30 minutes of what, typically, are four-day ISHRS meetings. FUE did not originate in Europe but an influx of young surgeons interested led to its establishment there and FUE Europe resulted from this focus. In sum, FUEE exists to facilitate greater focus on FUE.

The first FUEE meeting consisted of eight physicians. Talks often lasted 30 minutes but we focused on discussions and these would last much longer than talks. In 2016, FUEE’s annual meeting had a breakout year in Brussels; we enjoyed the participation of over 70 attendees and an esteemed faculty. Dr. Chris Bisanga organized this meeting, which was fantastic and included a full day of live surgery to open the meeting. The live surgery took place at the offices of Drs. Patrick Mwamba and Chris Bisanga.

In 2017, FUEE continued to grow and over 100 attendees at its annual meeting in Ankara, Turkey, the following year. This meeting was hosted by Ozgur Oztan. Dr. Oztan included the first cadaver workshop dedicated to FUE at the University of Ankara Department of Anatomy. Of most of note at this workshop, we performed the first adipocyte stem cell injection of fat harvested from the scalp. The response was subtle but positive.

And, as before, FUEE continued to grow the following year. Over 130 physicians attended our 2018 annual meeting in Malaga, Spain. Also in Malaga, FUEE had its first live telecast for the benefit of surgeons that could not attend. Dr. Bisanga organized most of this meeting and it was a huge success.

FUEE is a major advocate of FUE and will continue advocating for its adoption through meetings and training. FUEE and FUE Magazine will predominantly focus on FUE but will also cover the dangers of strip surgery. FUE Magazine reviews all articles by physicians or laymen to express their opinions and research related to FUE or hair transplant surgery. We invite articles related to hair loss, medical therapy for hair loss, nutrition, anatomy, physiology, aesthetics and anything else related to hair loss therapy. FUE Magazine also invites articles from strip surgeons to express their opinions, if relevant to FUE. Please know the editors of FUE Magazine will critique and respond to any and all articles they submit.

FUE Magazine is an open source publication for those with an interest in hair loss treatment.

Please send any and all relevant articles for FUE Magazine to editor@fuemagazine.com. We hope you enjoy our publication and we look forward to your input and articles!


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