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Trust in FUE Europe to lead you informatively in the #hairtransplant information. Trust no others. The collaboration between the #IAHRS and FUE Europe is the most important bond in the history of hair restoration surgery. Join us to better and further your practice.

About 2 months ago

FUE Magazine – The Authority on Hair Transplant Surgery

Welcome to FUE Magazine! The first official publication of FUE Europe (FUEE), FUE Magazine focuses on Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), the hair transplant option that brings the best possible results to patients. Dedicated to the overall advancement of hair transplant therapy, we also include quality articles on effective hair loss therapies and general information regarding hair loss. We will not cover strip harvesting (FUT). There is another publication for this material.

FUE Magazine is serial publication and as such will release issues regularly. In this second issue, we will have great articles by Drs. Georgios Zontos, Philippe Ginouves, Cristina Serrano Falcon, Otavio Lima Bonaventura and Sergio Vano-Galvan, as well as thought-provoking editorials and commentary.

We hope you enjoy this second issue, wherein we explore the science of hair transplantation and feature commentary from major advocates and figures. These articles allude to the importance of the upcoming collaborative gathering of FUEE and the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS), scheduled for June 6th-9th in Manchester, England.

FUE Magazine - Our Mission

FUE Magazine specializes in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), clinically proven the best hair transplant option for all patients. Hair transplant surgery requires years of study and experience. FUE is demanding to learn but, inarguably, offers the best results in every facet that matters to a patient. This publication’s goal is to inform surgeons interested in the hair transplant technique and experienced FUE surgeons alike.

We publish articles from ethical hair transplant surgeons across the globe, just as our publishing organization, FUEE, welcomes all medical professionals interested in the technique. A competing option in the hair transplant industry, FUE is the latest technique available with a proven track record of patient satisfaction. It also requires greater effort to conduct; one reason many hair transplant surgeons prefer older techniques that often lead to deplorable results. FUE Magazine is the first publication to completely focus on the latest in surgical hair restoration advancements and options.

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Spencer Kobren Review
Spencer Kobren
I believe that it will be the most read and powerful hair transplant publication that we have ever seen.

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