The ISHRS is composed of many individuals with independent ideas and perceptions that are entirely different than the Editor. The Editor everyone is free to their own opinion and to express their own viewpoints. The ISHRS is composed of many individuals, both members, and leadership. The members vote on resolutions proposed by the administrative leadership, or Board of Governors (BOG). However, the BOG makes many decisions independent of the membership and does so based on a philosophy that their choices are in the best interest of the ISHRS as a whole. Not all members and not all of those on the BOG agree with the final decisions of the BOG. The editor, in particular, does not agree with all of these decisions by the BOG. In fact, he feels that many choices of the BOG are damaging to the ISHRS.

This is one individual’s opinion and does not necessarily reflect the views of the rest of the membership and leadership of FUE Europe (FUEE), nor the advertisers of FUE Magazine. The editor recognizes that the ISHRS is free to run their society in a way seen as appropriate by the BOG. However, this way is not shared by all; a significant reason why surgeons are founding new organizations relevant to hair restoration surgery and why they are gaining traction in new membership.

All modern societies must recognize the original mission statement of their organization as the new society matures. This means that the new community must be run like a business and not like a club focused on personal ideals that do not reflect the membership as a whole. Members join scientific societies to learn and share ideas related to their craft. Members must be free to refute the claims of others that are not congruous with a rational reason. Others must be free to defend their logic. When we remove the capacity to disagree, we eliminate the ability to grow intellectually and break new ground. We become stagnant, which has been a problem for hair restoration surgery, as well as other medical disciplines, since inception.

In recent years, the editor often held a different perspective than the ISHRS’s BOG. Ultimately, the disparities led to a permanent separation of the two. Like all parties, who divorce, both proceed on different paths. Neither path is iniquitous to the individual party. The editor recognizes that many ISHRS members share the vision of their BOG and firmly accepts the value these members place on their society as a whole. The ISHRS, though, must acknowledge that other members do not share the ideals of the BOG. As such, there is room for more than one society related to hair transplantation in this world. There is also room for publications that do not share the ISHRS’s paragon.

Above all, the editor recognizes the value of freedom of speech. FUE Magazine maintains the ideals of FUE Europe, which are to educate, inform, and train, in the interest of consumer advocacy. FUE Europe wants to make practices better rather than dictate how physicians manage their practice. FUE Europe believes this is in the best interest of patients as a whole. There is an old way and a new way. Whenever there is a new way, we must find a means to improve direction rather than attempt to inhibit concepts that, despite any opposition, will continue to grow. Hinderance only slows growth and delays clinics’ focus on quality, while allowing the seed of poor practice to gain momentum like a sea of weeds in an otherwise beautiful garden. We have fought growth long enough. Now, we must embrace advancement and refine it.

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