The upcoming FUE Europe conference is scheduled for June 6th to 8th this year in Manchester, UK. A first joint effort with the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS), this gathering is a landmark event that will both edify surgeons and facilitate professional networking. The timing couldn’t be better; FUE is now the predominant hair transplant method and in much demand. Attendees can learn about their latest advancements, train with world-renowned experts, and discuss best practices. The conference has room for 225 attendees, so sign up soon. An early bird special is currently available!

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Of special note, expanding our focus to best practices both serves patients’ interests and boosts doctors’ competitiveness/appeal. Unfortunately, FUE’s demand has led to unscrupulous or inept surgeons offering the technique. The result is an increasing amount of dissatisfied, if not disfigured, patients and this is damaging the industry’s reputation as a whole. FUE Europe and IAHRS fiercely oppose such exploitive practices. Along with education on best practices and training in effective techniques, 2019’s conference focuses on how honest surgeons and prospective patients can navigate the murky waters of today’s growing FUE industry

World Renowned Surgeons and Advocates

This year hosted by Dr. Asim Shahmalak, one of the world’s top hair transplant surgeons, 2019’s conference will feature a number of leading figures in hair restoration. Over 80 speakers will participate, both leading pioneers of the technique and new contributors. Major names include Drs. Rassman, Shapiro, Epstein, and Speranzinni. Focuses will include the history of FUE, the art of hairline placement, instrument use, and much more.

Essential for voicing patient interests, leading patient advocates will also speak. As they well know, there is a wide difference between good and bad transplants. Among the speakers will be Spencer Kobren, Joe Tillman, and Spencer Stevenson. The Bald Truth will also air live throughout the event. Advocates will personally explain how a good transplant can change life for the better while bad ones can be devastating; some bad transplants demand numerous repair procedures before a desirable result.

A Cohesive Focus on Innovative Techniques

Hair transplants are the choice route for hair restoration. Broadly, the conference’s schedule will be comprehensive; specific techniques for each scalp area, procedural structure, remedying complications, patient evaluation, transplant longevity, and more. The conference will also cover exceptional advances, including FUE super giga-sessions beyond 14,000 grafts from an innovative specialist from Bulgaria.    

The viability of alternative treatments is dramatically increasing, though, and also complement hair transplantation. The conference will include presentations about platelet rich plasma, its most effective manufacturing, and its advances, as well as follicular stem cell treatments. The presentation on topical finasteride, a far more effective alternative to pills with less side effects, will be particularly informative.

The conference’s third day will be its most interactive. Live demonstrations will be performed across the board: adipose stem cell harvesting and injection, follicle stem cells, PRP injection, eyebrow transplantation, eyelash transplantation, long hair FUE, manual harvesting, and mechanical harvesting. Some attendees will have the opportunity to participate and demonstrators will answer questions when time allows.

Learn, Network, and Enjoy the Visit!

The annual FUE Europe conference has grown every year, and for good reason. Last year’s conference in Málaga, Spain was spectacular thanks to both the speakers and participants. Along with being co-hosted by the IAHRS, this year’s upcoming conference will feature new changes to facilitate participant’s education and inclusion. We are introducing social media outreach to include participants and facilitate their networking, as well as live broadcasts, participant interviews, and streaming of live procedures.

This year’s conference, as always, is to promote FUE’s further advancement. Manchester has a number of sites, though, and participants are welcome to join us for sightseeing. Additionally, it is Manchester, after all, we’re planning a visit to the Manchester United Stadium for a spectacular gala. There are also plenty of places of note in the area, and within convenient traveling distance. Prolong your visit to enjoy some great recreational excursions within the city or nearby! We look forward to hearing from you! As mentioned, those who order places now will receive an early bird special! We look forward to seeing you this June 6th through 8th! Visit,, and for more info!


FUE Magazine – Vol. 1 – Issue 2


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