Tips For Choosing The Right Clinic
18 Feb 2019

Hair Restoration Costliness: Selecting a Clinic

Learn about hair transplantation rates as well which hair transplant clinics to select in this summary about hair restoration costs

Patient thinking
30 Oct 2018

Hair Transplant – Why You Might NOT Regret Being Bald in 2018

It was 8:30 a.m. and I had just finished walking my dog, grabbing my cup of coffee, and settling in for another day of work. My routine usually includes speaking with my hair transplant doctor clients, editing educational hair transplant videos for my Youtube channel, and answering emails from everyday

Spencer Kobren
22 Oct 2018

It’s Time to Break Through The Red Tape. Your Future Depends On It!

Note From the Author: This article was originally written at the request of the editors of The Hair Transplant Forum International. Upon submission, to meet the Forum’s editorial agenda, I was asked to simplify the language. They expressed to me that they do not think their membership would fully grasp

Choosing the right hair transplant doctor
23 Jun 2018

How Do You Choose the Best FUE Hair Transplant Doctor?

Many factors go into selecting the perfect hair transplant clinic and surgeon. Probably the most critical choice is the type of procedure you prefer to undergo. Some patients, meanwhile, will first pick a clinic and then select the procedure type. Clinics that offer hair transplantation range in quality, the procedures