FUE Europe had its seventh convention in Málaga, Spain from April 26th to April 28th. Helmed some of the leading FUE specialists in the world, it covered a number of topics regarding hair transplantation. Attendees spent the three days at a number of panels and workshops that emphasized the latest that hair restoration offers. Critical to the conference, and FUE Europe, in general, is the synchronization of advances to best inform physicians and, in turn, offer more to patients.

Final Program

Dr. Chiara Insalaco and Dr. Teresa Meyer were co-chairs of the conference. Dr. John Cole and Dr. Christian Bisanga, meanwhile, were both scientific directors. Each also has influenced each other, spurring both innovation and advancements in the industry.

Dr. John Cole, one of the original pioneers of FUE, has world-renown for many reasons. He has spoken at a number of conferences, led workshops, and received the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) 2013 Golden Follicle Award for lifetime achievement.

Dr. Chiara Insalaco spent two years working with Dr. Cole to gain experience, and insight, in FUE hair restoration. She is also researching topical finasteride solutions to encourage hair restoration without the need for surgery; results from clinical studies having major promise.

Dr. Christian Bisanga is currently the President of FUE Europe. He has over 15 years of experience in and currently leads clinics in Belgium and Spain. He trained with Dr. Cole and other experts before opening his own clinics, where he now trains and mentors surgeons.

Dr. Teresa Meyer studied dermatology and reconstructive surgery before gaining an interest in hair restoration. Joining Dr. Bisanga in 2008, she trained in hair transplantation and now excels at FUE and other techniques. She currently conducts procedures at BHR’s clinic in Málaga.

FUE Malaga Speakers

Most critically, the convention leaders’ and attendees’ influence on each other is vital for innovation. Dr. Cole’s namesake FUE variant, Cole Isolation Technique (CIT®), is among the least invasive techniques available and the only one that enables donor regeneration. Dr. Bisanga and Dr. Insalaco both trained in the technique, with Dr. Bisanga altering it to suit his preferences. Dr. Meyer, meanwhile, trained in Dr. Bisanga’s variant of FUE.

Progress in hair restoration requires collaboration. Physicians train and mentor each other, as well as pool knowledge and research. Such collaboration both leads to major innovation and, as important, its adoption and prevalence. FUE has now been available to patients for over 15 years, offering time for a greater amount of surgeons to train in the technique.

The spread of FUE or other techniques (or treatments), however, also has its risks: ineffective or damaging results. Surgeons may offer FUE without any real training in it or otherwise offer ineffective treatments due to the processing method. For instance, the effectiveness of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a popular hair growth treatment, depends on its processing tremendously. Bad hair transplant surgeries can be far worse, from unconvincing hairlines to major scars. Many hair transplant surgeons’ patients, in fact, are seeking to repair previous work from a different clinic.

Organizations like FUE Europe, and specifically the conventions or workshops they host, offers networking and the latest research. It is through these groups and events that innovation truly spreads and improves. New advances, such as stem cell therapy, sonicated PRP, and topical finasteride should soon gain in prominence as more physicians see and learn about the results. Likewise, as FUE continues to gain prominence it will most likely be further researched and improved upon. Such advances take time, however, as well as require gaining the attention and interest of physicians and patients.

Interested in attending FUE Europe’s next conference? So are we! FUE Europe’s 8th convention is slated for Manchester, UK, on June 6th through June 8th in 2019. We hope to see you there!


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